Mayor Branson Covid-19 Update


As most of you know the President and our Governor have issued many orders so far due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Recently I directed our maintenance staff to close the playground and tennis courts at our village parks. I realize warm weather is hopefully coming soon, and many of us want to get out after the long winter and spend time outside. Following the recommendations of our Governor, I felt once again it was better to be safe than sorry. The parks are still open for everyone to visit, again please exercise the recommendations of the health department when being in public. For the safety of our kids as well as the fact kids can be a carrier of the virus, I felt it was necessary to close the playground and tennis court sections of the parks. If all possible, it is best to remain at home and limit your contact with everyone outside your home. This will help keep your risk low of acquiring the virus if it has in fact made its way to our area, which as of now, thankfully has not.

We will continue to keep the recycle center closed as well as the village municipal building closed till further notice. Our village staff has done an excellent job making sure to keep themselves as well as the public safe as best they can. We are taking every measure possible to keep the village employees safe during this time. We are limiting public contact to the employees as much as possible. As of now till further notice, the maintenance staff, or the water department staff will not visit personal homes, and only read meters from their vehicles or unless they can read a meter without human contact.

Again, I implore you to continue to shop locally when you can. I encourage you to help our village businesses as best you can. Liberty Center residents are resilient, and we will come out on top when this is over. Everywhere I look, I see people helping each other. That’s just what we do. After a conversation with Denny’s Market owner, Linda, she has informed me that she will start temporary hours beginning next week. The new hours are as follows: Monday – Saturday 8am – 7pm, closed on Sunday. Linda wanted to stress the need to keep her employees as safe as possible as well as taking measures to keep her business going during this time.

As of now the Liberty Center schools are preparing for the kids to return on Monday, April 6th, unless the Governor changes that directive. Churches and citizens have done an outstanding job of supplying kids and people with meals for those that rely on the school. As of Monday, March 30th, the school will be taking over that program and operating it out of the Ag area of the school. Please contact the school for more information at 419-533-5011 ext. 6000.

As I mentioned in the last update, we are looking to decide soon about the direction the village will turn for water for the next 30-40 years.  I had planned on holding a public meeting but unfortunately that has been canceled in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. As promised, and along with the diligent help of our water superintendent Frank Godwin I will get the information to the public in a video session on media websites before any decision is made. Our current water contract with Napoleon expires June of this year. Our two options are signing a new contract with Napoleon, or having water pumped into Liberty Center from Bowling Green via The Northwest Water District. I believe there are risks and rewards to both entities and I will soon brief the public with that information.

These last few weeks have demonstrated the strength of our community. Let’s keep it up and continue to care for each other. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you and remember to stay healthy and stay safe.