As we make the transition from Napoleon to Bowling Green as our water source, I wanted to give residents an update on the situation. Unfortunately, this process was not as easy as simply turning one valve off and turn the other on. We are having to conduct this process in five sections or zones throughout the village’s water operating area. According to standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we have to flush each section one by one before the new water source can flow into that zone. We had originally intended to have this process completed by Tuesday, August 8th, but I am sure you can understand removing 250,000 gallons of water from five different zones is an immense task for the four village employees who are finishing up the job. The Water Superintendent informs me we don’t want to depressurize any areas in order to complete this process safely, and that has taken a bit longer than expected. We are on target to finish by the end of the week. It is recommended to flush your household or system once you are online. During this process, there will be fluctuations in water pressure. We are going to be temporarily operating on gravity fed water from McClure until our pump station is relocated to its eventual spot near Texas. Once it is up and running again, there should be no issues with pressure. Again, the pressure changes are temporary and will drop when that system is being flushed. As of now, the pump station is scheduled to be operating again by September 1st. We will do our best to keep the residents informed on the process. Thank you and we appreciate your patience during this change over.



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